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Toddler & Me Yoga Extravaganza: 1-2 Years

Yoga with a toddler is not easy.

Most of the time when snowpea was under two, I spent more time stopping her from climbing shelves and cleaning up scattered props than actually practicing yoga.

But doing yoga with a one-year-old can also be heart-warming and fun. I look back at these videos from our time in California that I (finally) got around to editing with so much tenderness. Snowpea seems like a completely different toddler now from the steady, chattering creature she is now!

At 1.5, snowpea was wobbling around and barely saying more than "mama". And look at her now! Less than a year has passed and she's speaking in full sentences with a mind of her own.

Around the time snowpea turned 2, something magical happened. Her attention span became longer and she suddenly became interested in the yoga stories and activities I had to share. Practicing yoga became much easier than it ever had been in her short life, and I finally felt I could get back to a calm, steady practice...

Until baby number two entered our lives and the cycle of chaos began again. I suppose it's time to start documenting our practices as a trio now.

I hope you enjoy these practices as much as I enjoyed editing them!

Disclaimer: These videos should never substitute for the guidance of any trained medical provider or mental health professional. Yoga comes with risks, including serious physical injuries, emotional damage, and spiritual crisis/awakening. Please practice at your own risk.

Toddler & Me Yoga: Upside Down

My favorite of these four practices! Here's a class all about inversions, from upbeat handstands to chill restorative yoga poses. This is mostly an inversions class for the parent, but snowpea does occasionally join in on some of the fun here, and I am continuously impressed by her Downward Dog abilities.

Toddler & Me Yoga: The Birds & The Bees

An animal-themed yoga class during which we reflect on the big questions in life like... why are all the hardest yoga postures named after birds and bugs?

Toddler & Me: Beach-Themed Yoga

A beach-themed yoga practice that I try to engage snowpea in. As you'll see, this one almost captures her attention, so I'd call it a victory.

Toddler & Me: Yoga for the Hips

A quick, sleepy yoga practice for stretching my tired hips after a long day of farm duties as snowpea runs wildly around the room.


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