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Writing & Research

Global Health Research Consulting

I work remotely as a global health research consultant specializing in qualitative research and writing. Among other projects, I have managed teams for analysis of qualitative data, conducted qualitative analysis of French-language interview transcripts, written research publications and reports, and created research trainings and presentations.

Recent work includes partnerships and collaborations with Kavle Consulting LLC, The Institute for Reproductive Health, Partners in Health, USAID Maternal Child Health Survival Program, Children International, UNFPA, UNICEF, MedAir, and Catholic Relief Services. This work has been informed by my education at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (MSc., Global Health and Population, ’17) and Southern Illinois University Carbondale (BA, French, ’15; BS, Physiology, ’15).     


Since 2017, I have worked as a freelance writer and editor. My expertise is in translating public health research to real-world audiences. I have written, ghost-written, edited, and narrated blog posts, articles, books, and other content for a variety of publications, including Yoga U Online, DOYOUYOGA, Fresh Cup, Happy Cow, The Journal of Wine Research, and Gastronomica.

To contact me about research consulting or writing, please email me at

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