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Yoga in the Woods

Here's my first yoga video in almost a year!

Click here to watch "Get Grounded" on YouTube.

Coming to you from the woods in California here's a quick yoga practice for grounding - because goodness knows I've needed it with the emotional roller coaster moving to the farm has been.

It's been almost a year since I've recorded a class, and I felt more than a little rusty. I think I recorded the introduction about 10 times before deciding to go with the first take. But I enjoyed myself so much in the process of recording and creating this! I'm hoping to keep up the momentum that was sparked from finishing my RYT-500 training and am happily taking requests.

This video can be practiced with my Spotify playlist titled "Get Grounded". Press play at 1:25 of the video (right after the intro).

And just a reminder, my yoga classes should never substitute for the guidance of any trained medical provider or mental health professional. Yoga comes with risks, including serious physical injuries, emotional damage, spiritual crisis/awakening, and the like. Please practice with care.

Watch the full video below or on YouTube here:


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