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Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth

Over the past year, I've been working on my registered children's yoga teacher (RCYT) certificate. Here are the three final project videos!

Why did I decide to do an RCYT program?

I know, I know, I've done just about every yoga certification available. Partly, I just enjoy nerding out over yoga, especially when trauma-informed principles are involved. But also, my two "students" at the moment are my two children, and I wanted to learn how best to share yoga with them.

I chose to do my RCYT with Yoga Ed. because their 95-hour program is fully virtual and trauma-informed yoga is at the heart of their teaching. Their curriculum is divided into three portions: teaching children's yoga, teaching teen's yoga, and trauma-informed yoga for youth.

I thoroughly enjoyed Yoga Ed.'s program, especially (no surprise) their trauma-informed course. And I was so glad to have access to this resource as another way to deepen my learning while I'm still in this long, odd pandemic phase between teaching in-person teaching gigs.

Before beginning this program, I had a feeling I'd enjoy teaching yoga to adults more than children, and still believe that to be true. But I now feel I have more tools to involve my own little ones in yoga, and they truly will be my forever students.

What's next?

Since I've collected just about every yoga certification at this point, it's time to enroll in Sommelier classes. Just kidding. But maybe someday!

Next, I'll be filming 30 hours of teaching kids classes with my little ones to *officially* earn my RCYT. In addition, what really excites me is the idea of getting back to teaching real people in person. So, St. Louis yoga scene, here I come!

Enjoy these videos, which are the *only* full-length classes I have of myself teaching during this pregnancy where you can see my bump!

Disclaimer: These videos should never substitute for the guidance of any trained medical provider or mental health professional. Yoga comes with risks, including serious physical injuries, emotional damage, and spiritual crisis/awakening. Please practice at your own risk.

Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth: Calm Body

Here is my final project class for my favorite of the three Yoga Ed. RCYT classes. This is a trauma-informed class focusing on equipping kids with tools to calm the body. This was filmed in St. Louis just a couple of weeks before giving birth!

Teen Yoga for Stress

Here's my final project for the teen yoga portion of my RCYT, focused on stress reduction for teens. I'm early third trimester here practicing on my grandparents' porch on a windy Kansas summer day. Please excuse the background noise!

Kids Yoga: Feelings and Emotions

And here is my final for my kids' yoga course focused on bringing PreK-K students in touch with their emotions. This was the last yoga class I filmed on the farm in California. I was early second trimester here, just weeks before the big move! My bump was just becoming visible.


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