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Matrescence: My Postpartum Journey

In my new podcast, the Coffee Witching Hour, I’ve been delving into the profound and transformative experiences of parenthood. In our latest episode, I took the opportunity to share my own postpartum journey, reflecting on the challenges and joys that come with becoming a parent. Check out the summary below, and listen/watch on YouTube or Spotify!

The overarching message I wanted to share in this episode is that the postpartum experience is not about eliminating challenges entirely. Parenthood, by its very nature, involves difficulties. Instead, it's about feeling supported and nourished as we navigate the journey of raising a child.

Exploring Matrescence

One concept that I explored during the episode is the idea of matrescence, a term likened to adolescence but for mothers. It involves profound changes in brain chemistry and shifting hormones, bringing about a transformation to both our bodies and identities. I shared my contrasting postpartum experiences with my now 3-year-old snowpea and my 14-month-old oakleaf, emphasizing the transformative nature of motherhood.

Postpartum Journey with Snowpea: Navigating Pandemic Isolation

During the pandemic, when snowpea was born in Boston, I faced a sense of isolation in a very quiet city. Balancing work and motherhood became a struggle as I navigated the sudden shift to online teaching. The loss of work and the new challenges that came with working fully online prompted me to question and reevaluate my life choices during the postpartum period.

Reflecting on my fears of becoming a stay-at-home mom, influenced by the challenges observed in my own mother and grandmother, I returned to full-time remote work after snowpea’s birth. Despite the initial challenges, snowpea and I had an incredibly unique bonding experience during the isolation inherent to the pandemic.

The Complex Emotional Landscape of Postpartum With a Second Baby

With my second child, baby oakleaf, in a post-pandemic setting, I had more support from family but faced a different struggle – less opportunity to bond due to the increased presence of visitors. The complexity of emotions during this postpartum period included grappling with insecurities, fears of inadequacy, and the challenges of juggling full-time caretaking and part-time work. In addition, navigating the dynamics of family visits drew on childhood experiences of tension between my mother and paternal grandmother regarding parenting differences.

One of the significant challenges during my second postpartum experience was the strain on family relationships due to cultural differences and the pressure to conform to traditional gender roles. The arrival of visitors, coupled with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, intensified these feelings. This period prompted me to advocate for my needs, leading to a shift in dynamics within my relationship with my husband.

Encouraging Tough Conversations and Building Supportive Communities

In this episode, I emphasize the importance of open communication with partners, negotiation of responsibilities, and prioritizing self-care. My journey of rediscovering my passions, including writing, teaching yoga, and starting this podcast, was a response to the challenges faced during postpartum.

I encourage listeners to engage in conversations about fears, expectations, and self-care planning during the postpartum period, fostering a supportive and intentional environment for both partners. Through sharing our stories and embracing the transformative waves of matrescence, we can create a community that uplifts and supports each other in the beautiful, challenging journey of parenthood.

Friendly disclaimer: This transcript summary was generated using AI. To hear my real human voice and emotion, please give the podcast a listen!

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