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Yoga for Chocolate Lovers

Join me for restorative heart-opening yoga and a mindful chocolate tasting!

You can practice along directly on this page by pressing play on the video below or on my YouTube page by following this link:

This practice is sweet, soothing, uplifting, and suitable for cats and dogs, too. Or at least, my animals enjoyed being part of class! Both Blue and Oliver were very interested in the mindful chocolate tasting I led at the end of this practice. Milo was more interested in scratching my yoga mat, and I caught some of this mischief on camera.

You may notice some background noise at certain points during the video. I've tried to muffle it out in the editing, but yes, that was my cats scurrying around the room. I also finished filming to an extra special surprise - Oliver had pooped on top of Daniel's clothes in our closet. Thankfully, I did not capture this in the video.


Recommended props for class include 2-3 blankets or towels, 2 yoga blocks, 1 bolster or fluffy pillow, and 2 squares of your favorite bar of chocolate (or chocolates).

Jazzy playlist

I also highly recommend practicing along with this jazzy Spotify playlist titled "Yoga for Chocolate Lovers" starting at 1:30 in the video (right after the intro).

Chocolate tasting wheel

During our mindful chocolate tasting, I mention using a chocolate tasting wheel to refine your understanding of tasting notes. Here's a simple tasting wheel I like that is great for novice tasters:

Special thanks

Special thanks to the chocolatiers who made this video possible: L'Amourette Chocolat and Preston's Candy. Preston's honeycomb dark chocolate was delivered to our casita in the woods by Towne, a local service ships hand-picked and handmade items to much of the Bay Area. You can the code "SHOPNOW" for $20 off a $50 purchase on Finally, thanks to Dana Boulé for the theme song featured in this video, "Sad French Accordion" from Free Music Archive.

Final notes

As always, please remember my yoga classes should never substitute for the guidance of any trained medical provider or mental health professional. Yoga comes with risks, including serious physical injuries, emotional damage, and spiritual crisis/awakening. Please practice at your own risk.

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